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  • rehabMe Corporate Package 2017

    25 August 2017

    Check out our newly designed and established ‘rehabME’ program booklet!
    Read about our sponsorship packages and more!!
    See link below…

    Download the rehabME Corporate Package 2017
  • perth marathon - 2015

    18 June 2015

    Special thanks to an amazing family the BAIRD FAMILY who have been extremely supportive of our Foundation. Little Hudson also had an adverse reaction to the flu-vaccine however they are extremely blessed & feel so incredibly fortunate that Huddy is OK.
    So much so that Shar (Huddy’s Mum) and Huddy completed the PERTH MARATHON for the Saba Rose Button Foundation. Raising money for the kids!!
    Huddy completed his 40 kilometres over 6 weeks which is an outstanding effort and Shar achieved a personal best on her time on the day. The raised an amazing $1,074.60. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Shar, Huddy and the Baird Family and to all those who donated and supported.

  • what is 'intensive rehabilitation' and what are our goals

    12 April 2015

    This amazing foundation seeks to raise funds to support children with special needs and their family’s access to intensive therapy and equipment. Intensive therapy means that instead of the child visiting the therapist for a once a week or once a fortnight appointment for one hour, the child is treated every day for 2 hours, for a total of three weeks. This is based on intensive rehabilitation models in the US and Europe and is to maximise the benefit of therapy for children with a neurological diagnosis.
    The 3 week intensive program aims to improve the child’s strength, balance and muscle control whilst teaching new motor patterns through repetition and correct alignment. Physical gains made during these intensives often take months using the traditional weekly or fortnightly therapy model of practice. The effectiveness of these programs in the US and Europe means that many Australian families are travelling overseas to access these programs. The families attempt to raise funds to cover the cost ofnot only the program but also their accommodation, flights and expenses. Our aim is to give children and their families these opportunities in their home town.
    The SRB Foundation aims to support families in this process by sponsoring a child and their family for the intensive, that they would otherwise be unable to access this treatment. Our grand vision is to develop a “one stop shop” where families can access intensive therapy, new and innovative equipment and specialist therapy staff in the private sector. It is very important that children and their families have access to world’s best practice therapy and equipment not just within the public health sector.
    Our intensive therapy program has begun with great success and excitement. Families are so happy and relieved that this type of therapy can happen here in Perth and be complimented and supported by PMH. Our next plan is to develop a “Rehab equipment kit” that will include all the latest, easily accessible equipment from around the world that can be utilised within the intensive, but then also easily purchased for consolidation of skills and play at home.
    The first exciting piece of equipment has arrived, the RT300. This is a magnificent innovative Functional Electrical Stimulation bike that synchronises muscle activity with the gross motor skill of bike riding. The SRB Foundation has very generously supported this practice in acquiring this equipment for use for children, and PMH are now specifically referring children to this practice to utilise this equipment. This is just the start of our vision. Providing opportunities to children with special needs and their families is our mission, our goal and our dream.

  • rotto swim '2015'

    5 March 2015

    This year we had THREE teams in the Rotto Swim 2015 and again it was a sensational day!! Special thanks to all the swimmers and their support crews. The teams were:
    Bec Stawell Wilson, Jess Pleydell-Bouverie, Zakary Walker, Will Dwyer
    Annie Dobney, Olivia Marsh, Poppy Gilfillian, Danielle Maguire
    Lachy Valentine, Nathan Levien, James Levien, Jake Lynch.

    They raised an amazing $3, 472.62 for the kids and we are extremely grateful :)

  • rotto 'swim for saba' 2014

    22 March 2014

    Massive thanks to all those who swam in the Rottnest Swim 2014 for Team Saba. This year we had SIX teams swimming for Saba, from teams of 4, duos & one soloist. It was a fantastic day for it and we went over to support and see the teams come in. We can only imagine the amount of training and preparation that goes into an event like this .. you guys are amazing. Special thanks again to Abbey Valentine who is the event coordinator for ‘Team Saba’ for pulling it all together and to all the swimmers and of course their support teams & crew.
    We raised an incredible $20, 000 for the Saba Rose Button Foundation and we were the overall top team fundraisers for the event. Thank you so so so much to all who donated and supported Saba’s Foundation.

    The teams/people involved were:
    ‘Swim for Saba’ Team 1: Rachel Mitchell, Jessie Mitchell, Emily Valentine & Molly Valentine
    ‘Swim for Saba’ Team 2: Sarrah Mitchell & Abbey Valentine
    ‘Swim for Saba’ Team 3: Natalie Stawell Wilson & Bec Stawell Wilson
    ‘Swim for Saba’ Team 4: Sharon Baird, Troy Baird, Paul Brierly & Brad Headling
    ‘Swim for Saba’ Team 5: David Wright, Chris Jamieson, Scott Lardi & Jarrad Turner
    ‘Swim for Saba’ Soloist (Team 6): Tyron Scott

    To all the swimmers and their very important support crews, we thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Looking forward to TEAM SABA 2015.

    If keen on entering under ‘Swim for Saba’ (Team Saba) please contact Abbey on