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  • wishing well donations

    Saba with doll Please help us support children in need by making a donation into the SABA ROSE BUTTON FOUNDATION ‘Wishing Well’ which is now helping OTHER CHILDREN with special needs. Please click on the ‘examples of equipment that may be needed’ section to see some examples of what these children may need as well as access to intensive rehabilitation blocks with Triston Hunter (Paediatric Physiotherapist).

    If you prefer to donate via bank account transfer (EFT), please use the following details:

    BSB 805-022
    Account 03393316
    Name Saba Rose Button Foundation

    All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

    We thank you for your generosity & support. X

  • examples of equipment that may be needed

    Equipment needed (only some examples ..)
    • Special seating chairs that give 100 per cent support & that are comfortable.
    • Special seating chairs that best facilitate learning posture.
    • Suction units – to help clear airways.
    • Oxygen bottles – if need for respiratory distress
    • I-pads for vision and education games
    • Communication devices ie. switch toys, eye-gaze systems & visual boards.
    • Physio equipment: wedges, rollers, support sytems
    • Second skin suits for postural supports (to help with children suffering from scoliosis)
    • Toys which are based around special needs requirements.
    • Feeding pumps – if child is fed through ‘peg’ in their stomach
    • Thermomix for the parents to easily be able to make up the child’s milk or pureed food.
    • Standing frame – to allow children to be in the upright position to benefit chest health, hip displacement, organ health, bone density & overall wellbeing.
    • Wheel chair for both home & school. One that is light yet supportive & the best seating option for the child to easily to move around.
    • Hospital bed for the correct positioning throughout the night. Having a hospital bed allows the child to be put on an incline postion which helps with her chest health if she is unwell. This will also be used for changing her nappy during the day … to save parents/carers backs!!
    • A hoist to move around the house. If the child is a little heavy to carry safely.
    • A special chair for the bath to make sure that the child is supported safely.
    • A mobile hospital bath where the child lays down flat in. This allows the child to be safe at all times whilst having a wash.
    • A car with a wheelchair hoist built in. This allows the child’s wheelchair to be restrained safely.
  • be informed

    Saba and Mum Kirsten We are reminding you to be INFORMED and do your research before you make the decision to vaccinate your children with ‘any’ form of vaccine. Don’t ever be scared to ask questions of your Doctor or health professionals. There is nothing more precious than our childrens’ health. To help you make an ‘informed’ decision you may like to check out these links:

    Vaccination Decisions

    Australian Vaccination Network Inc

    Health Department – Vaccination safety information

    Some LINKS for your information and what you may be able to apply for …

    • Make an appointment with your social worker to see what is available for you to access & to give you support.
    • Access a health care card
    • Can apply for carers allowance ($57.70 per week – which is what I get to care FULL TIME!!) or carers payment (is income & assets tested)
    • Can apply for the Better Start Initiative You can use this to fund your therapy, up to $12,000 per year.
    • Can apply for ‘CAP’ (Combined Aplication Process) for those in extraordinary situations of high level care. We are applying for this.
    • Disability Services Commission – Get in contact with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) The central LAC number 94269352 will connect you with your local LAC.
    • ACROD application – for disabled parking access
    • Contact The Independent Living Centre who can help you with equipment in the home.
    • Noah’s Ark Toy Library Who will help selecting toys for you & your child with special needs.

    Carers WA
    Young Carers
    Ronald McDonald House Family Retreat
    Companion Card
    For nappies contact Independence Australia also you can apply for a Spina Bifida nappy allowance/grant
    Siblink – a sibling online support
    Motor Industry Foundation
    Make – A – Wish
    Strike a Chord for Children
    Thermoregulatory Subside scheme
    Essential Medical Equipment – household assistance
    Taxi User Subsidy Scheme